Anya Soto

Director of Learning & Development

PHONE: (628) 888-4090

Anya Soto, PCC, ICF, has been designing and delivering learning to equip people leaders with specific tools to build high performing teams since 2011. Her programs have been enjoyed globally, including at Reef and Rockport, FedEx, Staples, Royal Bank of Canada, Yukon Government, Canadian Road Builders, Randstad Recruitment, National Association of Child Psychologists and Research Administrators, and more.

Anya has lived in the three countries during her lifetime, and her experiences as an outsider along the way fuel her knowledge of, and passion for, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB). Anya knows that no matter the industry or size of a company, interpersonal conflicts, toxic behaviors, and drama can cause inefficiencies and poor quality work, that in turn inspires the best people to leave. She is therefore passionate about providing people leaders with the tools they need to create truly inclusive and agile teams.

Anya is a certified professional coach through the International Coaching Federation and has a degree in adult learning and instructional design.