stopit cyberbullying app


Many students in schools, and adults at work, are afraid to report misconduct because they fear backlash from their peers or from management for whistleblowing.

For example, over 50% of bullying incidents go unreported. Only 35% of sexual harassment cases are reported. In 8 of 10 workplace violence incidents, the killer makes his or her intentions known by showing a gun to co-workers or talking about the impending attack, though no one reports these acts to management.

STOPit is the leading technology company providing a comprehensive software platform that mitigates, deters and controls harassment and other harmful or inappropriate conduct, online and off. The STOPit mobile app is a simple, fast and powerful tool which easily and cost-effectively empowers your employees to become engaged and proactive managers of your corporate culture. It helps protect your company and employees, reduce turnover and can assist in mitigating litigation and compliance risk.

This enterprise solution is powered by an intuitive dashboard called DOCUMENTit, a robust incident management system that empowers administrators and management to get in front of issues to mitigate risk and adhere to the ever evolving compliance landscape.


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