Myths about Workplace Bullying

Get the facts straight on workplace bullying

Workplace bullying is a growing concern that affects employees and organizations alike. Unfortunately, many misconceptions surrounding bullying persist, hindering effective solutions.

Our Ebook debunks these common misconceptions and provides valuable insights and evidence-based solutions to help prevent and address bullying in the workplace.

Arm yourself with the facts and information you need to create a safe, healthy, and bully-free workplace.

Download our 13 Myths About Workplace Bullying Debunked Ebook to learn:

1. Why bullying does not just end on the schoolyard but can exist as an adult too.

2. How workplace bullying affects not just the target, but the entire organization.

3. How workplace bullying affects work performance.

4. How to deal with a bully as adults.

5. How to resolve workplace bullying.

Jessi LaCosta

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