Case Studies

Coaching an Abrasive Female Leader in Insurance

“We were extremely impressed with Civility Partners’ flexibility and openness to adding activities and content that tailored the workshop to our specific needs.”

Barb Mitola

Culture Change: From Disengagement to Engagement

I received a lot of very positive feedback; people enjoyed the interactive content and really felt they’d learned something.

Melissa M. Esten

Coaching an Abrasive Male Leader in IT

This training was so well received… We are pleased with the progress and attribute this to the training and tools provided by Civility Partners.

Julie Hatcher

Partnering to Create a Physically & Psychologically Safe Workplace

The negative walls came down and allowed the positive to creep in and at the same time a way to build trust among one another.

Carol Fitzgibbons

Turning Around a Damaged Culture and Wounded Workforce

Turning Around a Toxic Environment Causing Union Activity & a Failed Audit

“The most impactful work was leading us through creating a plan to address feedback from the survey. “

Karleen Harp

Coaching a Palliative Care Doctor