We Believe in Civility

We are passionate about reducing the pain we know thousands of people feel each and every day they are at work.

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positive workplace environment


A world where people at every level of every organization treat each other with civility.

Civility Partners Professionals working


To partner with our clients to help them create a positive workplace environment.



Be Legit

Do the right thing. Be professional. Have integrity. Be authentic. Listen to others. Communicate openly.

Care for You

Take care of yourself. Do what you need to do for your mental and physical well-being.

Learn A Lot

Seek constant growth as a person and a company. Embrace the unknown with a self-starting, due-diligent, and figure-it-out attitude. Don’t be stagnant.

Go Platinum

Behave internally the same way we hope to help our clients’ workforce behave. Treat others the way they want to be treated.

Be Extraordinary

Be the best version of yourself as often as possible. Do more than is expected. Take initiative. Be courageous. Change the world.

positive workplace environment

Our Services

We are committed to helping your organization meet its goals by partnering with you to develop and deliver systemic solutions to negative workplace behaviors. We will partner with you to build a positive and healthy work environment so your employees can thrive.

Why Choose Civility Partners

We don’t focus on the corrective actions involving eradication of problems and negativity, we focus on finding solutions that create a safe
and civil workplace – and there’s a difference. Focusing on solutions creates preventative and sustainable change.

Negative and aggressive workplace behaviors are systemic. In order to effectively remove them, holistic and system-wide solutions that
are tailored to your organization and focused on prevention, not correction, are required. And that’s what we provide!

A Better Workplace Awaits