Experiential Training to Ignite Culture Change

Culture change is an inside job. It begins by ensuring your team is aligned around your core values and has the skills needed to contribute meaningfully toward change.

Bystander to Upstander

The most effective way to create a positive work environment is to stop negative behavior in its tracks.

That means giving employees the proper tools for speaking up when they witness or experience incivility, bullying, or harassment.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging 101

Just getting started with DEI&B? Set the stage for your team with a practical introduction to power, privilege, intersectionality, polarity thinking and microaggressions – and how they manifest in the workplace.

Allyship Training

Managers are rarely trained in addressing “lower level” behaviors like gossip, cliques, or microaggressions. While lawful, these behaviors are disruptive and can easily escalate to something worse. Give your managers the tools they need to coach these lawful, but damaging behaviors.

Meet our Trainers


Say hello to our award winning, industry leading trainers who are experts in creating healthy workplace cultures.

Communicating with Civility

Gain tools for effective communication, including self-awareness, listening, and biases; identify and overcome personal barriers to building positive and collaborative relationships.

stress management

Raise workforce awareness of personal stress levels and provide tools to manage stress more effectively.






Creating an Inclusive Work Environment

Empower your people leaders to proactively, and consistently, build a respectful and equitable work environment while creating a sense of belonging for all.

Intercultural Communication

Gain tools for communicating with a diverse workforce and clientele, build self-awareness around inclusivity, and gain three simple keys of positive intercultural communication.

Psychological Safety

Behaviors either build or corrode trust on teams. This training  equips people leaders with tools to measure psychological safety on their team and increase trust.

Recognizing & mitigating unconscious bias

Where does bias come from? We’ll define the origins of bias and explore the ways it shows up at work, and identify skills for minimizing bias and increasing self awareness.

Let’s customize a training program to fit your organization’s needs