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Each of our guests are experts in their respective fields, and share valuable insight on the work world today!


Keep up with current best practices around company culture, inclusion, employee engagement and much more!


Each show is meant to be interactive with the audience. Get your questions answered live by Catherine and her guests!

Join Catherine as she interviews experts!

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Client Case Study: Culture Transformation

Karleen and Catherine discuss Rainbow Water District’s culture transformation.

Embrace Each Person’s Story. Be Truly Diverse and Inclusive with Amazin LeThi

Amazin and Catherine Mattice as they discuss embracing each person’s story, allyship in action, and some of the work Amazin has done with government and Fortune 500’s.

How to Embed DEI into Your Company’s DNA with Stacey Gordon

Catherine and Stacey  discuss why leaders need to understand the “Why of DEI” and how to tackle bias in the workplace.

Inclusivity with Eric Ellis

Eric shares tips for employers on creating an inclusive workplace and responding to #BLM.

Why Managers Don’t Manage Abrasive Leaders with Dr. Laura Crawshaw

Discussion with Dr. Laura Crawshaw about coaching leaders accused of bullying, being too abrasive, or otherwise being disruptive.

How to Rescue a Lonely Workforce with Steve Van Cohen

This discussion is centered around an important topic: workplace loneliness. Steven goes over what it is, why it’s such an essential subject, and what companies are doing to help reduce it.

From Fertilizer Comes Growth: Transforming a Company During Times of Challenge for Stronger Impact and Profitability with Julie Seal-Gaustad

Catherine and Julie discuss pivoting during the pandemic!

Strategies to Build Resilience and Continue to Stay Afloat with Maureen Orey

Catherine and Maureen discuss the intersection of civility and resilience, her inspiration for her lessons of resilience, and what can leaders do to help their employees be more resilient.

Other Recordings: