Why Assessments?

Civility Partners provides a variety of programs to resolve issues in your organization, but without knowing how people feel and where these issues come from, it’s impossible to know which program is the best one.

That is why one of our services is an assessment. An assessment allows us to understand exactly what is happening in your organization so that we can work with you to fix it.

If there is something negatively affecting your employees, and in turn your business, we will figure it out.

Depending on your organization’s unique situation, we will ask questions around how people feel, what the root causes of conflict and dissension are, what the strengths and weakness of the organization are, and what they need to be happy and productive at work. We’ll have valuable information you can use to make a substantial impact on your organization.

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Our Process

  1. Our assessment consists of two parts; the first is an employee-wide survey. In order to tailor the survey to your organization, we meet with your leadership to gain insight on the organization. From there, we develop a customized survey consisting of multiple choice and open-ended questions, which is then sent to every employee.

  3. The second part, which is optional but highly recommended, is employee interviews. We will randomly select 10% to 30% of the workforce to be interviewed in order to gain deeper insight. These interviews will provide a wealth of data that usually cannot be uncovered from the survey alone.


The most important part of our assessments is that they are tailored to your organization. We pride ourselves on the ability to develop custom surveys that will get to the root of the problems, and maximize results when the time comes to address them.

Engagment Assessment

Engagement is about your employees’ profound connection to your workplace, and that connection drives productivity and results. Signs of disengagement are decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, and other types of behavior. If this sounds familiar, let’s take a look at your employee engagement.

Climate Assessment

Disengagement is usually just a symptom of a bigger problem, such as a negative culture. Therefore we often introduce other measures when looking at engagement, such as communication or job satisfaction. Combined, these measures give us insight into your climate, and what needs to change.

Moving Forward…

Should you continue your partnership with Civility Partners, these assessment results would be the basis of a strategic plan for change. They would also act as a benchmark for measuring success.

While it may be difficult as a dedicated leader to hear negative feedback about the organization you work so hard in, knowledge is ultimate power. Without an assessment, it is impossible to efficiently and effectively improve the working environment so that your organization can thrive.

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