We use a step by step proprietary process developed over a decade of working with a variety of clients in an array of industries. Our program will help you reduce and even eliminate workplace bullying, discrimination and/or harassment, and more importantly, create a positive and inclusive workplace.

We follow a proven process that is guaranteed to get results. Just check out our case studies.
The best part? Your work is meant to teach you how to manage your culture. Once we set you up, you’ll be off to the races.

1 - Assess & Benchmark

Assess & Benchmark

A great place to start is the beginning. We interview your stakeholders to understand what problems they want to understand and solve, and uncover other stuff we need to measure too. Then we’ll create and deliver a custom, online survey that gets meaningful and actionable information for you. We’ll also interview a random sample of 10% of your workforce; we find it’s important to collect narratives from the workforce. The assessment results provide a path forward for culture change, and a benchmark to measure success of the culture initiatives you implement.

2 - Explore Solutions

Explore Solutions

We’ll help you build a team of people ranging from leaders to front line employees – your culture action team – who will create and execute a strategic plan based on the survey results. We’ll facilitate a few conversations with the team to help them complete this task.

You might already have a great culture, but if you don’t focus on it in the same way you focus on increasing market share, for example, it will go rogue. Reigning it in is harder and more expensive than building as you go. Trust us on that.

Also know that one mistake many companies make in culture change is relying too heavily on the leadership team. While culture starts at the top, employees have to buy in. (Oh, and they’re the ones perpetuating the leader’s dream.) The best way to gain buy-in is participation in the process.

3 - Take Action

Take Action

No pressure, but if you’d like us to, we can help you execute your strategic plan for culture. Often, our clients execute much of the plan while we provide support where needed.

Strategic plans for culture often include creating or updating core values, onboarding programs, performance management systems, HR processes, internal communication processes, and more. We also often deliver training on management and leadership skills, building a positive team culture, bystander/ally assertiveness, and other topics relevant to the organization and based on your survey results.

Evaluate & Celebrate

After approximately one year, we will re-deliver the survey to your organization and do another round of interviews. We can determine your success so far and where more work is needed. By now you’ll have completed two 6-month strategic plans and are ready to create a 12-month plan based on the new assessment. We’ll help you develop the plan and assist in execution if you like. But by this time most of our clients feel empowered to move forward on their own to continue building something great. And that’s the best compliment we can receive! It means we were successful!

Does your organization have a culture of respect? Download our short assessment to find out.