30 Ways to Bring Your Core Values to Life

So you have core values. Now what?

If you’re like many companies, you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into defining core values that unite and strengthen your team and rally them around your mission. But does your team know what your core values are? And, more importantly, are they practicing your core values in their daily interactions?

If you are ready to bring your core values to live, this 30-point checklist will help you go beyond having core values and start living them.

Download the 30 Ways to Bring Your Core Values to Life checklist to learn:

1. How to weave your core values into every stage of the hiring process.

2. How to ensure both new and existing employees feel your core values in their interactions with colleagues.

3. How to include your core values in your reviews and performance evaluation process.

4. When and how to share your core values on social media.

5. How to incentivize employees to adopt and embody your core values.

“We’ve become a place where our culture brings out the best in our people every day.”

-Karleen Harp, HR Manager, Rainbow Municipal Water District