does your management style facilitate workplace bullying?

Workplace Bullying

Ensure a safe and respectful workplace

Are you concerned about the prevalence of workplace bullying in your organization?

Evaluate potential factors that contribute to negative behaviors in your workplace. 

Download our assessment to measure your management style and see whether it fosters respect for one another or unintentionally supports bullying.

Download our assessment to identify:

1. How individual characteristics and behavior contribute to your work culture.

2. How your management style affects your overall workforce.

3. Determine opportunities for improvement in your management style.

4. Develop action items to make a positive difference in your organizational culture.

Justin Jones-Fosu

“Catherine is not only a professional she has a way of getting to the heart of an issue and compassionately combatting it. I have enjoyed her work but more importantly I have enjoyed her heart as she creates a world with civility!”

– Justin Jones-Fosu, Founder and CEO, Work. Meaningful.