How to coach abrasive leaders

abrasive leaders

A coaching method that works..

Abrasive leaders don’t see how others perceive them, but with the right coaching and resources in place, eventually, they can change.

This Ebook provides practical knowledge and guidance on how to help abrasive leaders change their behavior, creating a positive work environment for all. So, get ready to broaden your understanding and take the first step towards creating a better, bullying-free workplace.

Download the Ebook to learn:

1. Why are abrasive leaders so abrasive.

2. What motivates an abrasive leader to engage in coaching.

3. What are the tried-and-true methods for modifying an abrasive leadership style.

4. How coaching can help them build stronger and more effective relationships with their team.

5. How organizations can take a stand against abrasive behaviors. 

“Because the discussion was done in a safe environment with Catherine Mattice it allowed for our minds to open to ideas and methods to allow ourselves to get beyond the negativity of the past; to move toward new ways to create the needed path for change.

Today, people are smiling and looking at one another. Laughter is heard in the halls. People are able to problem solve and reach a good resolution. It has taken over a year and IRC is becoming, once again, a good place to work.”

– Carol Fitzgibbons, Executive Director, Inland Regional Center