Speakfully is a platform that allows employees to track uncomfortable workplace experiences
until they’re ready to anonymously report them. The valuable analytics give leadership an
understanding of workplace culture dynamics, and support proactive conversations before
issues reach a serious breaking point. Visit Speakfully’s website.

Sue Mann is a deeply compassionate and courageous coach focused on high performing
professionals who feel like bullying is destroying their career. She helps them transform this
earth-shattering experience into the thing that propels them into even greater success. Sue
holds an MBA and Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH) from Cornell University and a
number of other certifications and accreditations such as a Certified Community Resilience
Model Teacher from the Trauma Resource Institute and Positive Intelligence Coach. Learn more
on her website,

Mindletic is a digital mental gym at your workplace where you can predict & prevent costly
emotional imbalance by boosting your psychological resilience and EQ. They are a
science-backed mental training program, co-created with certified mental health
professionals, Vilnius university, Psychological association & mental health organizations,
exploring well-aimed topics regarding mental well-being: emotional literacy, motivation,
productivity, burnout, etc.

At Mindletic, you can train your mind individually, with a community, in self-sustaining Balance
teams or with certified mental health professionals. The Mindletic app on your phone will give
you access to different techniques to help predict and prevent various forms of imbalance,
including but not limited to burnout and stress.

To learn more visit: