Rebecca Del Secco

Rebecca Del Secco, PHR

Chief Operations Officer

Rebecca Del Secco, PHR, is our Chief Operations Officer. Hired as a People and Culture Consultant, Rebecca has vast experience in delivering all aspects of our client services, including designing and delivering surveys for our clients, designing comprehensive human performance systems (e.g., onboarding, career mapping, succession planning, performance management, etc), injecting core values into all aspects of a business, and developing massive amounts of our training content focused on building a positive workplace culture.

Rebecca has since turned her knowledge of people, culture, and systems inward, and now spends her days creating and implementing systems from onboarding new clients to managing invoices, managing our internal human resources needs, and leading and mentoring our growing support team.

She also serves as the Chapter Lead for Culture First San Diego, an organization she’s contributed her time to since 2019.