Psychological Safety In The Workplace

Importance Of Psychological Safety

Expert tips from Ieva Vaitkevičiūtė 

In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of business, it’s important to foster an environment where employees feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and ideas without fear of judgment or retribution.

In this Catherine’s Corner episode, “The Importance of Psychological Safety in the Workplace,” we dive into the concept of psychological safety and its impact on workplace culture, productivity, and employee engagement. Don’t miss out on this enlightening and informative discussion. 

“I recently was a guest on Catherine’s live show, and it was one of the most memorable podcasts/interviews I have ever recorded.

It was easy to find common ground with Catherine, and we hit it off immediately. She asked great questions, and the conversation flew freely.”

– Lena Thompson, Future of Work Consultant, Lena Thompson International

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