Let’s end bullying in your workplace.

Your work is important. Your business matters.

Your business can’t be successful if abusive conduct and workplace bullying is running rampant.

Abusive conduct and workplace bullying causes employees to experience anxiety, fear and sadness. In turn, their work product and quality goes down, they stop being loyal to you, customer service suffers, turnover and absenteeism increase, and your business wastes a lot of resources. Ultimately workplace bullying, abusive conduct, un-professionalism, incivility – whatever you want to call it – hurts your bottom line.

Don’t let bullying spread like an infectious disease.

Bullying is systemic, and it is a social phenomenon. We’ve heard people say things like, “the bullying spread like a cancer.”

Abusive conduct doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It isn’t about just a bully and the target; it’s about your entire organization. Your organization and its culture is what allows bullying and abusive conduct to thrive.

Let’s partner to create a positive workplace where your employees will thrive.

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California has passed AB 2053!AB 2053 ABUSIVE CONDUCT Employers, that means you have some work to do.

California now requires AB 1825 sexual harassment trainers to “include prevention of abusive conduct as a component of the training.” Abusive conduct “means conduct… with malice (that is) unrelated to an employer’s legitimate business interests. Abusive conduct may include repeated infliction of verbal abuse… that a reasonable person would find threatening, intimidating, or humiliating, or the gratuitous sabotage or undermining of a person’s work performance.”

This definition corners employers into handling workplace bullying (e.g., abusive conduct). For example, including “gratuitous sabotage or undermining of a person’s work performance” means employers must ensure their performance management programs and employee appraisal or review forms don’t allow for the appearance of sabotage. Often bullies claim poor performance of targets as a way to push them out of the organization – when used with a variety of other bullying behaviors, a good performing employee could certainly cite sabotage.

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Excerpts of Catherine Mattice – President of Civility Partners – speaking at the National Workplace Bullying Coalition conference in 2014