CASE STUDY: High Impact Culture Change

The irony. At an organization whose mission was to help people with disabilities thrive in the community, the workplace bullying had become rampant.

The former CEO had been a real bully himself; his leadership and personality style had dripped downward into the organization, and a culture of bullying and negativity ensued.

The board of directors could see the organization slipping downhill. They asked the CEO to step down, and they replaced him with a new CEO who was charged with making big change. The new CEO sought help from Civility Partners, because she knew to remove workplace bullying, she needed to replace it with a new culture.

Together we came up with a five step plan.

  1. Train the leaders, managers and supervisors in driving culture change
  2. Create a culture committee made up of people from all levels of the organization
  3. Create a social vision that would drive the new culture
  4. Update the core values so that they resonated with the employees
  5. Develop a strategic plan around the new values.

After a four-hour training on culture change, a committee was indeed created by asking for volunteers as well as assigning some key organizational champions. Using input gained through various exercises with employees, the social vision, “Enhancing Lives” was eventually created, and the old core values were replaced with new ones: Integrity, Communication, Accountability, Respect, Collaboration, Professionalism.

The CEO knew that culture change couldn’t stop there, so with coaching from Civility Partners in the background, she worked with her departments to develop action items around these new values.

Ultimately a strategic plan was created so that the organization would stay on track for culture change.

And here’s what the CEO has to say about the impact of our work together:

We were “experiencing a very hostile and volatile work environment to the point that employees, good friends who had shared an office for over three years, were no longer able to work side by side. Behavior that would be seen on the playground with young teenagers was being replayed for some staff… Today, people are smiling and looking at one another.  Laughter is heard in the halls.  People are able to problem solve and reach a good resolution. It has taken over a year and IRC is becoming, once again, a good place to work.”

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Catherine Mattice, MA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Civility Partners
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