How to Earn Respect: Getting the Respect You Deserve at Work

What Does It Mean To Earn Respect?

Most employees aim to like their jobs, and all want to be respected. Sadly, doing a great job and earning respect don’t happen to always be mutually inclusive. There will be people that work harder than others, only to get walked over by their co-workers or upper level management.

Respect is given to people who are valued. If you are a tremendous workaholic, but can’t grasp the politics of the office, you are good as dead. All work, but no recognition. The best benefit of being respected is that your life away from your job will rarely be impacted by your career. Here are some tips on how to gain the respect you deserve.

Stop Caring So Much

I’m not saying you should stop caring at all. People often become obsessed with their careers. It’s good to show that you are competent at what you do, but don’t over do it. If you’re always working later than everyone else, chances are, your employer will take advantage of you.

Yes, the economy is tough, but you cannot be walking around, terrified about where you will be if you lose this particular job.

Don’t Miss Deadlines

There is a reason people call them deadlines. Meeting deadlines show that you are accountable. With that said, if someone gives you an unreasonable deadline, respectfully point out that your work quality might suffer and the task might not be deliverable within that time frame. Give an alternative suggestion.

Keep A Clean Workspace

You don’t have to brush off the dust everyday. A slightly messy desk can show that you are getting work done, but having candy wrappers and bottle caps lying around your desk doesn’t look too impressionable.

Never Be Late To An Appointment

Nothing shows more disrespect than saying, “I value my time more than yours.” If you make an appointment, make sure to arrive promptly.

According to the New York Times, the average American spends about 45 hours a week at work. This is a big chunk of your life. By following these tips, I hope that you can earn the respect you deserve at work.