Tips For Preventing Workplace Violence

Workplace violence


Preventing workplace violence is critical because it can happen at any place and any time. Workplace violence includes verbal abuse and physical assaults affecting more than 2 million victims every year. Being prepared and aware of the workplace is your best bet on preventing workplace violence.

Are You Preventing Workplace Violence in Your Office?

One thing we recommend is creating a safe working environment by creating a zero-tolerance policy against workplace abuse. You can also create an anonymous tip hotline for people to call if they have concerns about another employee. Conducting annual background checks are also important in creating a bully-free work zone.

Sometime, you will be able to see warning signs of a potentially dangerous employee. Some signs include dramatic changes in attitude and behavior. For example, if someone is always happy and sociable, but one day becomes reserved and doesn’t speak much, it may be an indicator that something is wrong.

One way to spot and correct these problems is to establish a dialogue. Most frustrations occur from a lack of communication or miscommunications in general. Having the proper means to vent out physical and mental frustration will prevent an outburst of violent behavior. Many companies have even implemented  an Employee Assistance Program where employees and supervisors can get help.

Regardless of how workplace violence occurs, we can all agree that it is not something we want to experience. By follow these tips, you can catch the problem before it escalates to something uncontrollable. By addressing the problems immediately, you are able to mediate between parties and prevent violence in the workplace.