The Office Bully May Be On His Way Out – The Fiscal Times


Could the office bully one day become a horror and inconvenience of the past? It’s definitely possible. Catherine Mattice of Civility Partners recently spoke to The Fiscal Times regarding various things bullying victims can do to reclaim control and build the confidence needed to overcome office bullying challenges.

What Can Victims Do?

“Targets of bullying do have choices, says Catherine Mattice, author of a book on stopping bullies and founder of Civility Partners, which trains workers and supervisors on building a positive workplace. First they need to reframe the situation and start thinking of it as a challenge they can get past. “You have to recognize that you’re empowered,” says Mattice.”

Catherine also discusses setting up support systems with loved ones, and the importance of staying away from bringing co-workers into the fray. That could have adverse consequences and alienate you further.

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